Let’s take it back to 2007 for just a second. Imagine someone telling you that in 10 years your favourite foods and drinks would be kaleslaw, Kombucha and smoothies served in bowls. This person will also tell you that, in the future, your milk is made from almonds – and you’re no longer afraid of butter. Crazy, right?

Our nutrition has come a long way in the past decade and it seems to be slowly shifting again as we prepare to welcome a new set of food trends into our fridge for 2018.

Some will feel decidedly fresh, and other will simply be an update on a food or drink we’re already obsessed with. Either way, there’s an obvious push towards improved health and wellness, which our bodies will thank us for – unlike the monster burger and freak shake trend of years past.

Super coffee

Our love for coffee goes far beyond the trendy nut milks of 2017, as we start to experiment with quirky processes that make our favourite drink even better. We’re already starting to blend coconut oil into our morning cup for optimum brain and body performance, and adding powdered collagen for healthy skin from the inside out; these are two trends that will grow big-time in 2018. And suddenly, the humble soy latte seems so last year.

Worldly feasts

Next year, we’ll use diets from around the world as our smorgasbord, picking the highest quality ingredients and trademark meals to create the ultimate day-on-a-plate. We’re not just talking about the much-loved ‘Mediterranean Diet’ either; we’ll be visiting Japan for breakfast, experimenting with marinades and sauces from Ethiopia and Tanzania, and stocking our pantries full of Middle Eastern and African spices. Turmeric, we still love you and plan to be seeing much more of you in 2018, but Cardamom might be stepping up too.

Kombucha 2.0

By now we’re aware of the many health and beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar – many of us drink it every morning in the hope of achieving clear skin, glossy hair, reduced cravings and a healthy gut. Soon, we’ll be drinking vinegar out of a bottle, just like our favourite Kombucha (which, by the way, isn’t go anywhere anytime soon).

Naked tacos

With keto diets increasing in popularity, it’s no surprise we’re giving some of our favourite foods a high-fat, low-carb makeover. Tacos, we’re looking at you! According to Whole Foods, flour tortillas will be swapped out for varieties like grain-free wraps, seaweed wraps, heirloom corn tortillas… and a few sneaky dessert options too. Life is all about balance, right?

Supplements: The next gen

In 2018, we’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to supplements that improve digestion, reduce our stress levels, and boost our brain power. These new-age supps are the next remedy for keeping our brain health in tip-top shape, following on from this year’s focus on mindfulness and meditation. Keep an eye out for the “Nootropics” supplements trend coming out of Silicon Valley too, which has a slight Limitless feel to it, promising a sharper mind and a completed to-do list. OK, where do we sign?



Alyce Cowell

Alyce is a writer, stylist and social media butterfly living in and eating her way through Melbourne. In 2016 Alyce started BOSSY. creative, a business that combines all three and lets her work from cafes everyday over long blacks. She specialises in fashion, health and fitness and business, often writing about her tips and tricks for living the freelance life, being more successful and becoming an all-round boss lady. Alyce believes everything is good in moderation, balancing pilates and HIIT classes with the occasional burger or raw treat.