Christmas wrapping paper is often brightly coloured and scattered with all sorts of children’s cartoons or stereotypical Christmas motto’s. If you’ve outgrown the wrapping paper of Christmas’ past and crave inspiration for thoughtful, chic or minimalist options, look no further than our ‘how to’ guide.

Get DIY crafty 

There’s no need to be intimidated by a little DIY when it’s as easy and simple as this. Regardless of whether you’re an art aficionado or avoid artistic endeavours beyond your colouring book (that you use exclusively for relaxation purposes), these beautiful Christmas wraps will turn exactly like the prototype, every time.


For a fun throwback to kindergarten, try creating your own wrapping paper this Christmas. Not only will this give each of your presents a unique touch, it also allows you to personalise each and every sheet. Start with a blank canvas of affordable butchers paper or, for a more intense contrast, black paper. Then simply decorate to your hearts content – these are some ideas we think are worth trying out this Christmas:

  • Paint splatters; go crazy with black, silver and gold paint. For a hint of colour try a sophisticated shade of red.
  • Stamps; try buying a simple Christmas themed stamp like a snowflake or star. You know the rest.
  • Calligraphy; grab a fine point pen and scrawl personal Christmas wishes all over your paper – the messier the better.
  • Metallic sharpie shapes; using black paper as your backdrop, use a metallic gold or silver sharpie to draw simple Christmas shapes (stars, Christmas trees and holly are chic and easy options).
  • A bow you don’t need to untie; wrap your gift in plain paper first, then, using a contrasting colour, paint a ribbon and bow onto the present for perfect bow placement minus all the fiddling.
  • String; Keep it simple. “Brown paper packages tied up with string…these are a few of my favourite things”. Or ingest a hint of colour with red and white twine.
  • gift-giving

    Include a centrepiece

    For an easy and chic focal point to your gifts try tying a centrepiece onto your gift. A small sprig of greenery from your Christmas tree (or a pine tree if you don’t have a real tree) works well, as do feathers, cinnamon sticks, holly and candy canes. By using basic wrapping paper and twine to tie on your chosen centrepiece you can ensure your artistic touch won’t go unnoticed.


    Go tonal

    For a cohesive look under your Christmas tree try wrapping all of your gifts in a single colour palette. Start off with a wrapping paper in one tone of your chosen colour and then build upon it with ribbons, bows and gift tags in varying tones. Colours that work particularly well for this style of wrapping include:

    • Classic all white
    • Shades of grey
    • Mint green
    • Millennial pink
    • Tiffany blue
    • Gift-wrapping

      Luxe finishing touches

      For an extra special touch on your Christmas wrapping add some sort of luxury finish. Not only will it scream sophistication, it will signify how special the receiver is to you.

      • Showcase your penchant for keeping up with trends by using a velvet ribbon.
      • Whiz in the kitchen? Bake some little gingerbread men and tie one onto your gift with twine. string or ribbon.
      • Double up on the ribbon with a thick piece of elegant lace layered beneath the thinner, more prominent piece you use for the bow.


      With these DIY ideas, not to mention the boundless supplies available from artisan designers on sites like etsy and at your local markets and craft supply stores, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect chic and unique wrapping style this December.



Romy Daly

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