We’ve moved! Yes, it’s true. A Conscious Collection has taken up residence in the beautiful co-working space that is ‘Engine House’.

Our team are big believers in being able to ‘walk the talk’ and with the recent co-working movement leading the way for positive innovation in the workplace – we thought we’d join the party.

You’ve probably heard the term “Co-working” thrown around from time to time or more recently, you may have noticed topical articles splashed across your social media feeds, but do you know what all the hype is about?


Co-working spaces are a game changer for start-up companies, small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike that have, until now, had to hustle from their kitchen table, spare room, garage or local coffee shop. The central idea behind the co-working initiative is to offer an innovative solution to the traditional office. Long gone are the days where you have to jam all of your belonging into a cubicle that you pay through the roof for or having to yell over the top of café noise just to make a client phone call. Co-working spaces are designed with exactly that in mind – co ‘working’ meaning all the bells and whistles of a big company office are available to you at a fraction of the price (and with many additional benefits), so you can see why this trend is on the rise. It’s genius!


Aside from the space itself, professionals are thriving in this type of environment because the positive attributes outnumber the financial risks. Recent studies show that small businesses and individuals that have set up shop in co-working spaces are actually more effective and efficient due to the mindset adjustment and uplifted energy levels generated by the accountability and social interactions the environment can create. Co-working spaces often have likeminded, passionate and inspired residents that are following their dreams – as such, they offer these forward thinkers the chance to be a part of a collaborative community. Studies also revealed that within this type of professional environment people began to view their work as more meaningful, which in turn creates a positive outlook – and we all know that positive attracts positive.


So, we know that co-working is an affordable way to attain a high class work space without the added overheads of an entire office. And, we know that the potential to increase our networks, both professionally and personally, are endless. But there are many additional perks that you may be unaware of. For example, many spaces have a fully functioning kitchen i.e. real coffee, on site, from a coffee machine! Some spaces even have access to little luxuries like sparkling water on tap…or even Kombucha (yes please!). And, almost all co-working set ups offer social events (with open invitations to the entire team), break out spaces, meeting rooms or on site café options for client meetings, quiet time or lunch on-the-go.


For us, Engine House offered the perfect location, room to set up a studio, open light filled space (with an abundance of greenery and plants I might add) and … yes, I like coffee.

If you’re interested in moving to a co-working space, Engine House might be the place for you. Why?

  • There’s room to grow – Engine House offers 660 square metres of open plan and private office space – wow, that’s big.
  • It’s close to transport – Walking distance to Trams 64/67/78 and Windsor Train Station.
  • The industrial design is light and bright – Designed for productivity, networking & collaboration.
  • Comfort and privacy are priority – Open plan flexi desks or private offices are available for up to 20 people / communal break out spaces (standing desk, lounge areas, meeting rooms).
  • It’s a community – Regular social events, food truck nights, wellness activities, communal workshop area.
  • There’s an on-site café – The perfect spot to meet clients, pick up lunch or a much needed coffee in the morning.

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Alexandra Meakin

Alexandra is Interested in all aspects of the lifestyle, wellness, media and creative industries. Her ability to think outside of the box drives her focus on finding strategic and creative solutions, no matter what the brief entails. Inquisitive by nature, her passion for innovative and inspiring work has enabled her to work locally, nationally and internationally. Alexandra can often be found laughing over coffee with friends, dancing in the kitchen, stretching out on a yoga mat or planning her next travel adventures.