Most people believe that they are discovering their lives – that a series of events are transpiring around them as they wander along on their journey. We are all guilty of spending too much time wishing, wanting and hoping that the life we ultimately want to be living will magically manifest itself. As a recently turned 30 year-old, I know I have. I day dream of a light filled apartment with arched windows overlooking a park or jet setting to a white sand beach for the holiday season. If a sleek, midnight black, convertible BMW happens to drive past – you might even catch me gawking (just a little bit), eyes misted over… there I go again. For many, these dreams can seem far away and unattainable as we give into the hum drum of daily routine.

But, there are smalls steps we can take to create ‘a lifestyle of luxury’. At the end of the day, we are accountable for our own actions and we can choose to climb the ladder, rung by rung, until we get to where we ultimately want to be. It is possible to create the life you want and we’ve got some insider tips to help you fast track getting there.

While your daydreaming might have appeared to be frivolous, relax! The first step to achieving these life goals actually is creating a vision for ourselves. Think about what it is that you really want. Now imagine yourself there. For some, it is creating a home that is a sanctuary. For others, it might be opening a new account and saving for the finer things in life. Maybe it’s carving out time for the experience of travel? Or it could be something as simple as owning the car of your dreams. 

But, there are smalls steps we can take to create ‘a lifestyle of luxury’. At the end of the day, we are accountable for our own actions and we can choose to climb the ladder, rung by rung, until we get to where we ultimately want to be.

This may seem like a ‘pie in the sky’ concept – but by envisioning yourself already there you are creating a compelling vision of what you actually want. In turn, this sets the stage for planning how you can get there. Studies show that this is one of the most effective strategies you can employ to help achieve your goals. Think of it as crafting your very own ‘road map’ to success. By identifying some of your personal milestones you are being positive, proactive and strategic. Perhaps this small shift in thinking, and therefore actions, will open new doors, revitalise ideas and create opportunities that will allow you to change your own lives without waiting for outside forces. After all is said and done, who is in the driver’s seat of your life? It’s you. So grab the steering wheel girl, the adventure has only just begun!

Let’s start small… If you want to save for the illusive beach holiday or purchasing the plush lounge you’ve been flirting with that’s still sitting in the shop window, open that bank account! Put aside a weekly amount, it can be small increments to start with (you’ll hardly notice it coming out of your pay check) and begin to increase the deposit overtime.

Still dreaming of stepping out (high heels first, of course!) of that black convertible you’ve been lusting over as it zips by? Will it make you feel more empowered and in control? If the answer is “YAS!”, this again is 100% within your reach and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

You can utilise the service of clever companies, such as the NRMA, to help establish your budget and loaning capacity. You can use there oh-so-easy car loan calculator online to find out what you can afford to spend, down to the cent, and what the repayments on that black beauty will be. Genius!

The next step to achieving this milestone is securing a loan. I know, I know, the word loan is scary. But it doesn’t have to be – it is simply a means to an end, if you’re smart about it. The NRMA can help you finance your dream car with an application process that is as easy as it is smooth and informative. The Customer Service team are friendly and assuring, answering any questions you may have along the way to ensure you are confident, happy and stress free. If your dream car is pre-loved (we’re thinking sleek and classic Porsche or an ultra-retro Volkswagen Beetle) the NRMA also has car loans for used cars! And now the real fun begins – shopping!

Once you’ve found the car of your dreams and the sale is finalised, you will receive the payment schedule for your loan and all the supporting information to put your mind at ease – yes, this was a good decision. You can also sign up for an online service to check your balance and make payments from wherever you may be (we anticipate you’ll be on the go a lot with your new set of wheels).

Goal achieved – tick.

Improved feelings of overall wellbeing – tick.

Put one hand above the other to start climbing that ladder – tick.

Envy of all your neighbours as you pull up into the driveway – tick.

And, it was that easy!

Beginning to tick off the goals you’ve set before you will have a profound impact on how fulfilled and happy you can feel on a daily basis, no matter how big or small the achievement. As cliché as it sounds, setting action plans in motion one step at a time, a positive mindset and the acknowledgement that a huge percentage of our lives are within our control really can see our aspirations become others inspirations.  

Design a life you love, because, well, you’re worth it.



Alexandra Meakin

Alexandra is Interested in all aspects of the lifestyle, wellness, media and creative industries. Her ability to think outside of the box drives her focus on finding strategic and creative solutions, no matter what the brief entails. Inquisitive by nature, her passion for innovative and inspiring work has enabled her to work locally, nationally and internationally. Alexandra can often be found laughing over coffee with friends, dancing in the kitchen, stretching out on a yoga mat or planning her next travel adventures.