Stepping off the regional express plane I take in the view – a vast and sweeping display of lush grass and rolling hills dotted with trees spreads out in every direction, as far as the eye can see. I take a deep breath, the air is fresh, clean and cool, I can feel myself relaxing instantly.

In the western waters of the Bass Strait, halfway between Tasmania and Victoria, lies a windswept island as rugged as it is beautiful. Adorned with picturesque beaches, fertile farmlands and an abundance of nature rich hiking trails, King Island may just be the perfect destination for a weekend away to focus on your wellbeing.

A short drive from the airport and our adventure begins, we’ve arrived at our home away from home, Porky Beach Luxury Retreat. Greeted by King Island Escapes owners, Alexandra and Russell (in one of the most genuinely warm holiday greetings I think I’ve ever had) I’m engulfed in a hug and we are ushered into the lounge room. I’m not usually one to stare, but I find that I can’t help looking past them and out through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, because, there it is. A stunning natural backdrop of the Great Southern Ocean – we are completely beachfront and the panorama view before me is mesmersing. It’s around this time that I realise, I am a world away from my every day. Rest, relaxation and a little bit of indulgence are the only things on my agenda for this getaway… starting right now!

A tour of our surrounds only cements that here we are in good hands. Alexandra has thought of everything – down to the finest, luxurious, little touch. From champagne and a heavily over catered cheese board upon arrival (we are in King Island after all, cheese is a must!) to a plush bed sporting brand new linens, from Jo Malone/Aesop toiletries in every bathroom to a rotating fireplace in the main living area, everything is of the highest quality. You want a deluxe robe to rug up in – you’ve got it! Maybe you feel like a delectable healthy snack – no worries, the gourmet kitchen is stocked with them. What about a heated towel upon jumping out of the shower – is that asking too much? No way, that’s already sorted for you too! Porky Beach Luxury Retreat has been curated to offer so much more than just holiday accommodation; it is an experience. So, be prepared to be absolutely spoilt by the attention to detail. You can rest at ease knowing that you really can unwind into a weekend of blissful wellness as everything has been taken care of for you.

Stepping outside the deck wrapping the house is peaceful and inviting, the deck chairs have already been set up for us to recline in and take in the serenity. Ahhh how’s the serenity! But I can’t sit still – something magical has caught my eye… it is the most glorious sauna, hot tub and mosaic outdoor shower combination I have ever seen. How did I not notice this before?! Alexandra explains that they purposefully designed the facilities to recess into the surrounding dunes so that you would have unspoiled sunset views. This appeals to the romantic in me and I kind of can’t wait for the sun to go start going down.

The architectural ethos of Porky has been shaped through a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and the want to offer guests a tranquil sanctuary that authentically allows them to reconnect with nature. The sauna and hot tub are both crafted from sustainable red cedar especially imported all the way from Canada! You can smell the heady, rich earthiness of the wood as soon as you step inside the sauna… oh, and did I mention that the sauna is glass fronted?! I’m not kidding, you can sit and steam for as long as your heart desires and watch the waves roll in on the beach below. This is what dreams are made of.

Once we have completed the grand tour our afternoon of Zen begins. We start with a yoga and meditation session on the deck (organised for us in advance, I might add). Our teacher, Renee, is a beautiful soul with the most calming, instructional voice of any yoga class i’ve taken part in so far. I say this with the utmost conviction as I literally feel asleep during Savasana. Maybe it was the essential oil on my third eye chakra, maybe I was in desperate need of a good stretch and some gentle guided mindful meditation or maybe it was the fresh sea breeze. I guess if what they say about Biophilia is true, then the proof is in the pudding here.

After my mini nap it’s time to explore the lands – a quick scenic drive to Disappointed Beach offers perfect insta opportunities and a bite to eat at the Cape Wickham golf course hits the spot (not before stopping for a selfie in front of the lighthouse, of course). We venture into town, it’s cute and quaint, just as you’d imagine but I’m eager to make our way back to Porky and get into that sauna.

Our evening unfolds with the consumption of a little more cheese back on the deck (I did mention we were in King Island, the home of gourmet produce, so this is totally acceptable… hell, it’s encouraged!). As the sun starts to set, the fire in the sauna is lit and bathers are pulled on – a quick dip in the sunken hot tub while the sauna heats up to 38-40 degrees. And, as the night time sky slowly lights up with stars, I can’t help but think how it is such a privilege to experience this quiet moment of reflection, all the while being totally immersed within nature. Alexandra has left a beautiful homemade body scrub for us to use in the sauna. Combining King Island sea salt with celery, high grade organic coconut oil, essential oils of lemongrass and grounded sage leaves – I lathered myself in this and let the therapeutic benefits seep in before heading to bed.

The next day’s itinerary is filled with some of my favourite things; sleeping in, brunch, coffee, reading, writing, a cheeky glass of champagne (or two), photography, stretching. But for me the highlight was playing King Island explorer extraordinaire. Porky has a pathway leading from the house to a private section of beach perfect for beachcombing, sunbaking and coastline exploration. Also within walking distance is the home of King Island Dairy – a trip here is a must, you can try and abundance of gourmet cheese at your leisure! An afternoon of this, paired with a drive though the countryside and a delicious homemade dinner sets the mood for a day done right and a well-deserved early night.

Breakfast on the final morning is quieter than usual, we don’t want to say goodbye to this little piece of heaven. Feeling rested and reenergised I could get used to this, a lady of leisure for the weekend was exactly what I’d needed to escape momentarily from the daily grind. A treat for the body, mind and soul, Porky Beach Luxury Retreat truly does offer more than just beach accommodation, it is one of a kind. With a genuine desire to create a memorable experience, Alexandra and Russell went above and beyond to create a holistic experience that we will remember, long after we leave the island. Interested in booking a weekend getaway? For more information visit:



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