In a market landscape rife with fast-fashion it can be difficult to find good quality, responsibly sourced clothing that will serve you for years to come. That old mantra ‘quality over quantity’ has somewhat fallen to the wayside as many shoppers make way for high turn over ‘trend based’ fashion. However, back in 2014 Melbourne entrepenuer, Jerri Jones, picked up on this shift in consumer behaviour and used the insight to fuel a desire to guide individuals back to classic investment pieces. In turn, this led her to create her eponymous label, Jerri Jones.


The beginning

With a double degree in Business and Communications, it was almost inevitable that Jerri would start her own business one day. Linked with her meticulous eye for design detail and a desire to curate quality leather pieces, the fashion business sphere was the perfect place for Jerri to reside.

Assuming role of Creative Director, Jerri took her strong belief in simplicity and translated the mantra ‘less is more’ into the brand ethos. Her signature design style was inspired by her desire to pave a road away from trend focussed, disposable fast fashion – instead she would seek to rediscover the appeal of minimal, enduring and quality pieces worth investing in.


Inspirational women

Jerri has great respect and admiration for other entrepreneurial women and reflects that as a mother and businesswoman herself, she is inspired by the many other women excelling in their respective fields. It was these women that inspired the unique creative direction Jerri took in evolving her label. Everyday she continually strives to create globally inspired, timeless and classic designs that make the wearer feel confident.


Look good, feel good

For Jerri, instilling this confidence in women circles back to the fact that when you look good, you feel good – citing that what we wear can play a huge part in the way we feel. On a personal level, Jerri loves being able to reach into her wardrobe and pull out her leather jacket knowing it works, it’s easy, it’s classic and she can wear it on many occasions… knowing that she will feel good.

As if there weren’t already enough incentives to invest in a timeless piece, all items are limited edition. This not only makes the collections all the more special, but means there is virtually no chance of nightmarish matching outfit situations that can come with chain store buys.


It would be completely reasonable to say that Jerri’s style, design and life mantras resonate with women from all walks of life – which practically guarantees that her beautifully crafted designs will fit into those countless women’s lives and wardrobes too.



Romy Daly

Romy is a journalist and writer with an avid love of food, fashion, beauty, travel, music and books. You’ll often find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or tweaking old favourites to incorporate whatever her current food obsession is. In her spare time Romy enjoys reading anything and everything – nine times out of ten with a cup of tea in hand. As a fashion devotee she loves pretty much anything she can wear be it clothes, shoes or bags. On the weekends Romy enjoys a relaxed day with friends at one of the many nearby wineries in her native Adelaide Hills.