While beauty fads come and go (talking ‘bout you, vampire facials!) – over the years, there’s been a solid emergence, growth and most definitely, an obsession around everything beauty-based that originates from Korea.

Undeniably, K-beauty has solidified itself in the beauty industry as heavyweight – one that while often time consuming, guarantees to deliver the most stunning results you’ve probably never yet experienced before.

So, what’s the newest trend we’re hearing all about? It’s called ‘Glass Skin’. Yep, basically your skin will be blemish-free, poreless, glowing and translucent – resembling glass, hence the namesake. The thing is, the glass skin trend – well, it’s a loooong process. And by that we mean several products long.


We know, it sounds like a lot. But in the society of today where, seemingly, everybody is constantly in a rush- maybe this skincare and beauty routine is the perfect excuse to turn what seem like a chore to many, into that much-needed excuse for a quick break and pamper session – one which you’ve been putting off for far too long.

The glass skin routine and other K-beauty habits are synonymous with Asian cultures and their views on ‘beauty’. The more impeccable, youthful and fair-skinned you are, the more you’re viewed as someone with a larger socio-economic status with both the time and money to invest in worthy products – it’s the literal embodiment of elegance, grace and of course, beauty.

But, what is it that makes glass skin work so effectively? Well, there’s the time and dedication component (obviously), but when you get down to the nitty gritty – it’s all about layering. The use of multiple lightweight layers of hydrating products to ultimately, leave your skin looking dewy, plump and so fresh!

As women, we’re always searching for a well-working, consistent beauty routine to invest both our time and dollars in and in return, see undeniable results that’ll have even strangers on the street approaching us for our beauty secrets – and this is exactly that.


Ranging from reasonably-priced products including day and overnight masks, lightweight serums, calming lotions, truffle creams and herb toners – you’d be excused for feeling a little overwhelmed by the extensive morning and night range. But, if you’ve got the dedication to an unbeatable beauty routine, then you’ll soon be reaping the benefits!

If you’re thinking this beauty routine might just be the ultimate solution to your skincare worries, then set a rewire to your brain and whole-heartedly embrace the idea of transforming your skincare and beauty routine into a total experience. Pamper yourself, your mind and your soul because all in all, glowing complexions are a true reflection of what’s on the inside. Both you and your skin will love you for it!

Check out for their products and begin your journey onward to glass skin utopia!

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