Wondering what the next superfood to hit your belly is? It could very well be Hemp! Did you know that Hemp is a nutritious addition to a healthy lifestyle that offers a powerhouse of vitamins, healthy fats and proteins.

The landscape of nutrition is set to get a whole lot greener, following a decision from the Australian government in April this year to legalise the sale of hemp for consumption.

Industrial hemp, unlike the street drug marijuana, contains low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which makes it a non threatening (and non psychedelic) addition to our already rambunctious health food line up.

With its reputation far proceeding its arrival on our plates, Hemp has already been slapped with the illustrious Superfood label. Roughy 25% of the calories in Hemp seeds are protein which makes them a very good source of plant based protein for our herbivore friends. Hemp seeds are also exceptionally rich in two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and are a great source of vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc.

So, how can we squeeze another superfood into our homes and diets? Pretty easily actually, given that Hemp can be consumed raw, cooked or toasted.


Fortunately for the risk averse amongst us the creative masters of Melbourne based company, The Wildhave readily anticipated the arrival of Hemp on our horizons. After some culinary tinkering in the kitchen, Hempola was born. This hemp-based breakfast delight is a blend of grains, almonds and buckwheat clusters sweetened with goji berries and diced dates for nutrient powerhouse breakfast.

Following the decision made by the Federal Government, that low-THC hemp seeds were fit for human consumption, the new regulation is now in effect (as of Sunday 12th November). And, after it’s long awaited arrival Hempola will be available, Australia wide, in health stores this week!

Photo credit: Cassie Sullivan


Jess Matthews

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