It’s that time of year every Melbournite adores – the longer days fill with familiar warmth of Summer-like weather, a lighter atmosphere and general levels of cheerfulness rise as we welcome the most beautiful season of all, Spring. Of course, with this turn of season comes the largest social event of the year – The Spring Racing Carnival. That’s right! Another year filled with stunning fashions on the field, pretending to actually know anything about horse racing, and over-indulging on the champagne has descended upon Melbourne for another year.

So, whether you require a little pre-carnival pamper to get yourself glowing or, a little boost of the immune system to combat those long, fun-filled days – we’ve rounded up the necessities you need to head into your day at The Spring Racing Carnival feeling (and looking) your best self.

Get That Glowy, Fresh-Faced Feel
Hud Skin And Body, St Kilda

Let’s face it – with our female skin so susceptible to breakouts, the ways in advancing beauty treatments finally offer vast hope for those pesky skin issues. If you need an extra hand in that department, enzymes masks at Hud Skin and Body should be at the top of your list. Chocked-full of wellness ingredients, enzyme facials have two primary uses for skincare – detoxification and anti-inflammation – meaning your skins protected from sun damage, environmental pollutants and, even acne. Basically, you’ll be radiating that dewy, glowy look that every woman envies and everyone will be asking how you did it.


Prep the liver with Nutrients Shots & Detox Packages
Happy Place Lola Berry, South Melbourne

Planning on getting a little carried away with the Spring Racing? Then best you prep for the upcoming days by popping into your new Happy Place. Founded by health and wellness expert Lola Berry, the menu focuses solely on foods that detox, nourish, and satisfy. The boutique South Melbourne eatery is the perfect boost to combat any nasties that may dampen your upcoming fun. With a menu boasting hunger-busting meals, daily-customised wellness packages or, even a quick fix with their antidote wheatgrass shots – make sure you’re properly fuelled up.


Sweat Out the Nasties
Pilates Wellness Australia, Toorak

With a big day on the cards, it’s only right to start your day off properly. While no doubt rushing about for last minute essentials to perfect your race-day look. The calmness and mediative mindset is the ultimate way to begin your morning, setting the tone for what will, no doubt, be a crazy day ahead. Offering unlimited classes for $95, the benefits of Pilates will not only have you looking great, but most importantly, feeling cool, calm and collected for an exciting day ahead at the races.


Pamper Your Tootsies
Body Freedom Spa & Clinic, South Melbourne

Yep. Us ladies are all known to suffer in the name of fashion and particularly, for a pair of beautiful heels. But, there’s no mistaking the importance of prepping your feet and legs for a day spent towering in sky-high heels.

Body Freedom Day Spa has got you covered with their first-class hour-long foot indulgence. Offering services from a soak in a footbath, you’ll be spoilt with an all-natural ingredient foot scrub. You’d think that’d be enough – but it’s not. A hot stone massage to ease tension follows, with all the usual pamper aspects to finish off. You even get to start the race day festivities early with a sparkling champagne perched up next to a wood fire. How much fun did getting ready just become!?


Hair Masks For Shinier Hair than the Horses
Rokk Ebony, Various Locations

You don’t have to be a socialite to feel like a celebrity here. With a range of well-known clients on repeat, it’s clear that the results and quality of care speak for themselves. While your hair is sure to suffer from the Race Day styling you’re about to put it through, the benefits of a hair mask at Rokk Ebony will do wonders to maintain your mane. Locking in moisture, formulated specifically for repair, and designed to prevent further damage – with their treatments beginning at $25, it’s a small price to pay to ensure your locks stay in amazing condition for Race Day and beyond.


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