Time to truly unwind is a luxury many of us lack. And, even when the opportunity comes about, the discomfort that comes from doing minimal is something we all struggle with. In an age where ‘on the go’ is mantra lived-by and sitting still involves our hands busied by devices, there’s a very welcome movement quickly gaining traction. Ryse Life – the luxe lazy-wear brand encouraging you to do nothing and to really embrace doing just that.

Founded by four best mates – Lincoln Eather, Corey Wilson, Mick Fanning and Beau Campi – the talented quartet are the physical embodiment of jam-packed schedules with very little down time in return. Still – the avid believers (and do-ers) of enjoying down time – deliver their new business venture as they would any other task at hand: determined to deliver and always, surpassing expectations.


Designed by Campi, A US-based  designer, ‘The Comfort Collection’ range boasts ultra-soft cotton pieces complimented by greys and neutrals. With each piece mindfully crafted to transition from a Netflix binge to a catch up at your local café, Ryse compliments any form of unwind time. Most importantly, the guys knew that the craftsmanship, styles and tones had to reflect their own personal needs and desires – if it wasn’t something they’d wear, it wasn’t ready for the market.

Lincoln sums the brand up perfectly – ‘It’s designed for those kick off the shoe moments’. Those moments where an audible sigh of relief goes hand-in-hand with the anticipation of trading work clothes for an overdue dose of comfort.


It’s that feeling – the emotive, relatable drawcard combined with the genuine care behind each piece that truly gives Ryse a leg up in a quality-lacking industry, with Lincoln noting the importance that each piece should ‘feel as comfy after 20 washes, as it did the first wear’.

But with the teams’ career successes already well documented, they’re utilising their various skills and platforms to highlight and draw focus to the underlying message of the label. Going far beyond just uber comfy lazy-wear, the mental health advocates are very much aware of the positive affects that down time has on a persons’ psychological health and now, they want you to start paying yours the diligence it deserves.

With negative stigmas surrounding mental health breaking down and awareness increasing – Ryse is reminding us all that it’s okay to switch off, disconnect from day-to-day worries and spend time reconnecting with you. Be present in your moment of solitude, whole-heartedly embrace it and do it the proper way – with Ryse.




Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn’s an avid traveller & foodie, who when not off spontaneously discovering new parts of the world, is often busy with her nose buried in books & eyes glued to documentaries. Having a passion for writing since she was a teen, Kaitlyn dabbled in other industries, but truly found her voice, confidence & creativity when she was living in NYC & LA. She’s a health & wellness lover who credits her sanity & day-to-day functioning to her daily exercise routine. She’s a believer in a balanced life so, when she’s not sweating it out, she can usually be found cooped up in her favourite cafe with her best girlfriends, turmeric latte in hand & a smile from ear to ear.