Travelling – one of our favourite things to do, who can complain about a getaway to Bali, a European jaunt or a quick trip across the state for work? However, trying to keep your exercise routine in tact when the cocktails are calling can prove difficult. So we’ve crafted an easy guide on how to add a little fitness into your daily schedule when away.

Workout Apps

There’s really no excuse to not fit a 10-minute sweat session into your day with exercise apps out there helping you along the way. One of our personal favourites – Nike Training Club – has a vast selection of workouts for you to choose from, including no-equipment workouts, quick 15-minute sessions, stretching and yoga along with high intensity and endurance workouts.


If you’re lucky enough to be travelling somewhere with an ocean or a pool, before you spend the rest of your day lounging, jump in the water and do a few laps. All you’ll need is a swimsuit and goggles and you’re good to go.


Starting your morning with mindful meditation and yoga is sure to get you in the right headspace. Packing a lightweight, travel friendly yoga mat for your trip will be your most prized possession. Stretching out those limbs after time spent in a plane, or on the seat of a car will be much needed. So roll out the mat and lengthen those limbs with some downward dog.

Light hand-weights

If you’ve got the extra weight availability in your bag, pack a couple of light hand-weights. Losing muscle strength and tone is unfortunately something that happens far too easily. Having some light hand-weights on call will ensure you can pull a few bicep curls and tone your triceps to keep your muscle mass whilst away.


Skipping is an underrated exercise. One simple movement uses so many muscles at the same time, and is compact for travelling. Tightening your tummy, toning your legs whilst working your arms are just some of the muscles skipping will target. Spare yourself 10 minutes, and your body will be thanking (or swearing) at you later.

Pilates band

Ever come back from over indulging in a holiday and feel a little flabby? Us too. Packing a Pilates band on your travels will keep things tight and toned so you won’t feel the regular post-holiday bloat. Use your Pilates band to wake up your muscles, and then stretch it out after turning on the glutes.


No gear? No fear. If all you’ve got is yourself and your limbs, throw on your running shoes (or run barefoot) and hit the pavement or sand. If your travels include a beach, try running on the sand, it’ll target different muscles and adds another challenge to your workout. However don’t forget to stretch your calf muscles before and after or you won’t be able to walk the next day.



Tennille Ziegler

Tennille is a free spirit who’s always daydreaming about her next adventure. A lover of all things health, mindfulness and finding the perfect life balance, Tennille loves to share the latest in wellness. On her days off you’ll find her soaking up some vitamin D at the beach, practising yoga and dancing to her hearts content.