Moving house is about as fun as picking chewing gum out of your hair. It rarely stress free, never mess free and always tests your ability to stay calm in crisis. Here’s our tips for making the move as seamless as possible.

1. Start Early: Never ever, ever leave packing to the last minute.
Moving is not:
a) simple
b) quick
c) easy.

2. We all have more possessions than we realise: When you begin the process of packing, things will magically appear, multiply and resurface. Ipso facto, refer to point one and start early.

3. Embrace the opportunity to streamline your life: Systematically sort through everything you own and clearly establish the necessities from the junk. Be cut throat in your approach and only take things with you that are clean, essential to your life, or very treasured.

4. Group and Label: Summon everything you learnt in kindergarten and box objects together (ie. objects that will live in the same room) and then label them appropriately.

5. Be sparingly sentimental: Yes, we all want to keep our birthday cards from the age of 3 through to 33 but try to cap your sentimentality within realistic boundaries. Alternatively find a place for your memories that won’t impact the feng shui of your new home.

6. Throw money at the problem: Sometimes (most times) it’s worth parting with some cash for professional help. Case in point: Cleaning. Just pay someone to do it and live with the knowledge that you’ll get your bond back, spare your nails and sleep soundly knowing you’re leaving your old home clean for the next tenants.

7. Pack an overnight bag: I’ll bet the above cash that you’ll get to the end of moving day and have zero fucks left to give about finding your toothbrush. Pack yourself a bag of essentials and avoid the drama of fishing through boxes while you’re dressed in one sock, an old basketball singlet and a thick layer of dust.

8. Pizza is definitely in the budget: Treating yourself is a minimum expectation after moving day. Allow yourself to indulge in your favourite take away (plus vino) when you finish.



Jess Matthews

Jess Matthews is a writer with a uniquely hybrid style. Calling on her background of music journalism, lifestyle blogging and a professional interest in marketing and communications she's become a subtle influence in the realm of relationship, self love and dating advice. Jess' exhaustive search for a harmonious balance in life is ongoing and she enjoys yoga, and Aperol Spritz equally. Jess is currently undertaking studies to become a professional relationship coach. You can read her personal forays into the world of self seduction, dating and love at JLM.