We must confess: while often busy squeezing in extra work past the usual 9-5, maintaining some form of a social life and still, finding some spare ‘me time’- come the days end, we dread delaying bedtime by 10 more minutes just to complete a lengthy skincare routine.

But, with beauty industry innovators Eight Brook, combining their passion for quality skincare and a time-efficient routine that so seamlessly fits into jam-packed schedules of everyday women, they’re officially redefining the skincare game.

Crafting their skincare line with a minimalistic approach stems from the Eight Brook teams’ own personal needs and desires. With Edyta Stelmach, a qualified cosmeceutical chemist and extremely busy woman, heading the product formulation team – it’s easy to sense the genuine passion and care that goes into developing any product.

‘Minimalism isn’t just about reduction; it’s about prioritisation, simplification and bringing order to complexity’ says the team behind Eight Brook. And that’s what truly resonates with their client base – the products aren’t ‘in-your-face’ (so to speak), have no added nasties or toxins and are designed to do more, so you need less.


‘Minimalism isn’t just about reduction; it’s about prioritisation, simplification and bringing order to complexity’

Their multifunctional range of both detoxifying and revitalising cleansers, serums and masks contain carefully selected cosmeceuticals and active ingredients derived from wild harvested, organic Australian botanicals. Formulated with antioxidants to address common skincare issues – the soothing products deliver quick results when needed but most importantly, long-term deeper results over time.

While the use of potent antioxidants provides the vital benefits of anti-aging, the overall goal is much bigger than that: it’s to protect. Yes, they’re dedicated to immediate treatment but also, further prevention – making sure your skin stays healthy and resilient against day-to-day environmental aggressors.

Offering a daily-use range and charcoal treatment mask, designed to enhance the down time you finally get, the luxe-skincare amplifies not only the necessary and important task of a skincare routine, but it makes as relaxing and comfort-inducing as a hot shower and fresh bed sheets.

But, it’s not just the product that speaks for itself. It’s the complete reassurance by every little detail encapsulated into Eight Brook – whether the stunning simplicity of branding, the personalised care and advice, the knowledgeable team or, knowing that with every product used, was crafted by someone who genuinely cares about you and your skin.

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