When life’s getting a little too ‘adult’ and responsibilities are dragging you down, expert opinion says that you could be in the midst of a quarter life crisis. Granted, you’re probably not out buying a Harley and new leathers when you’ve never even ridden a bike before (looking at you – every dad, ever). But, what’s the good in working ourselves so hard if we don’t take a little time out to dive into our savings account and indulge in a case of wanderlust?

So, don’t keeping um-ing and ah-ing over the next sale airfare – we’ve complied a list of the most magical resorts & retreats, worldwide, to satisfy any case of wanderlust you’re suffering from.

La Sultana
Marrakesh, Morroco

When you’re really craving a culture shake-up, Marrakesh could be just the spot for you. With all the necessities that one craves when travelling, La Sultana goes above and beyond to cater to your needs. With their architectural genius playing into the magic of the city- you’ll fall in love with the bold patterns, colours and designs so unique to the country. While you’re there make sure to tick a camel ride in the Sahara dessert, a Moroccan cooking class and a visit to the shopping stalls off of your bucket list.

Photo credit: La Sultana Hotel,Marrakesh

Singita Lodge
Various Locations, Africa

Want to run with the lions and watch of gazelles leap gracefully while you’re sipping a glass of red? This is your chance to truly be at one with nature. Singita Lodge offers a variety of accommodation spanning across Africa, tailored to suit your safari needs. Whether glamping in one of the reserves or having access to all the comforts of a resort hotel style- you’ll be spoiled with personal experiences of safari, nightly campfires, spa sessions and of course, truly appreciating all that the beautiful African culture has to offer through your floor-to-ceiling glass walls.


Photo credit:Signita Sabora Tented Camp

Cappadocia Cave Suites
Istanbul, Turkey

Nestled into the quiet little town of Cappadocia, this resorts unique drawcard is exactly what it states – it’s in the caves of the mountainside. Upon retreating to your cliffside room, you’ll be treated to a sprawling terrace that boasts views over the Goreme National Park; home to the famous Hot Air Balloons you see flooding your social media feeds. But, it offers more than just stunning scenery. With it’s stone carved buildings and unique designs, Cave Suites and Resorts treats its guests to turkish cuisines, poolside relaxation and guaranteed, one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


Photo credit: Pinterest

Andronis Suites
Santorini, Greece

Known for its pristine views, Santorini is on every wanderlust lovers’ list. The Cliffside town drips with culture and takes us back to a simpler time – where all you need is the ocean and fresh seafood to feel alive. Andronis Suites does this, plus more.  From suites to private villas, your ultimate comfort is their priority – with Cliffside dining, private shopping and of course, a spa to release all those knots from the long-haul flight. Designed with traditional Greek architecture in mind, the resort is entirely white concrete with pops of bold blue to really hit home that you’re living the luxe-life in Greece.


Photo credit: Tumblr

Hanging Gardens of Bali
Ubud, Bali

If you’re a bit tight on annual leave and can only fit in a quick trip, then Hanging Gardens should be top of your list. Only roughly a 5-hour flight from the East Coast of Oz, it’s the perfect option for short getaway. In the heart of Ubud rainforest, the madness of Kuta will be a totally foreign thought. With private villas sprawling up the mountainside, your uninterrupted views of rainforest while you’re soaking up the sun in your own private pool should have you already booking flights. For those needing something more than some R & R – you can sign up for cooking lessons, massages, blessings and temple visits.


Photo credit: Hanging Gardens of Bali

Ballynahinch Castle
Galway, Ireland

Those childhood dreams of becoming a princess can finally be turned into reality with a personal stay at Ballynahinch Castle. With elegance at the forefront of your experience – you can tailor your stay with the various activities on offer. For the luxe-lovers, a visit to the spa can be followed by a high tea or turning the pages on your favourite novel while overlooking the lake. If you’re into the more active stuff – there’s various hikes, cycling and fishing opportunities to get you out and about into the stunning hills of the Irish Landscape.


Photo credit: Ballynhinch Castle

Silica Hotel
Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Only a short 10-minute walk from 1 of the 25 wonders of the world, The Blue Lagoon. The Silica Hotel offers a private bathing lagoon for guests, for the days they don’t feel like battling the crowds. Designed with harmony in mind – the stunning blue geothermal water is not only a sight for sore eyes, its health benefits are equally as amazing. Comprised of silica, algae & various minerals, they’re all natural ingredients for anti-aging, collagen production and also, easing the effects of psoriasis. So, all in all – this trip isn’t just for you to satisfy your wanderlust desires – it’s helping your health too – hello, justification!


Photo credit: Angloyankophile Blog

Hotel Marincanto
Positano, Italy

Now that the European Summer is finally coming to a close, we can all breathe a sigh of relief as our instagram feeds slowly dwindle in the onslaught of your pals basking on the Italian coastline. But, if you’re feeling inspired to take in the Euro Summer and over-indulge on the Aperol Spritz next year, you best be prepared to start booking now. Hotel Marincanto is your postcard-perfect option. Dubbed the ‘most romantic hotel’ in Positano, you can see why – the balcony views and stunning but simple décor will take your breath away as the Italian coastline compliments the cascading sun.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
Finland, Europe

Ever wanted to take in the jaw-dropping sights of the Northern Lights? Well, now you can do it all from the comfort of a glass igloo. The geniuses behind Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort know how much of an amazing spectacle the lights are, so they’ve created an experience out of the whole wonder. With millions of travellers descending into Finland each year to take in the natural twirling lights of the North, they’ve made comfort key by offering fireplace igloos and cabins that comfortably sleep 2-4 pals and ultimately, outdo every fantasy you’ve ever dreamed about in this once in a lifetime experience.


Photo credit: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Iru Fushi Resort
Maldives, South Asia

Waking up to the sound of the ocean doesn’t sound too terrible, huh? If that’s what you’re craving, then Iru Fushi does it phenomenally. With picturesque views and seaside villas up for grabs, the thought of the stunning turquoise waters in the Maldives has never made our feet itch more. With 5-star restaurants, ocean activities galore and of course, an in-house masseuse on call – we’re giving you doctors’ orders to take some serious R & R. You can thank us later.


Photo credit:Iru FushiResorts

Feature image credit: Signita Sabora Tented Camp





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