What do Richard Branson, Jesinta Campbell, Oprah & Anna Wintour all have in common? They’re all up at the crack of dawn streamlining their day for success.

Here’s how you can emulate the world’s best by creating your own energising morning routine.

Bed Head

Make your bed! It may only be a small action but it sets a positive foundation for the rest of the day. Getting those small things ticked off autonomously will put you in a better place mentally to achieve bigger, more creative and productive things throughout the day.  Making the bed in the morning also means that your nighttime routine will benefit when you’re welcomed back after a long day into your cosy and inviting bedroom. Let’s not forget, “The state of your bed is the state of your head”.

Just Do It

Cortisol levels naturally peak in the morning (they’re highest around 6am) which means we’re gifted with our highest energy levels in the morning and our brain functions with more clarity and efficiency. During the day cortisol levels gradually decline until it’s bedtime again, which is why early morning is a great time to dive straight into work. Tackle your most arduous tasks in the morning and you’ll more than likely breeze through them without the mental stagnation that arrives later in the day.


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Best Laid Plans

Understanding the way you work can be the key to a successful day. Set aside 10 minutes in the morning to streamline your tasks for the day in order of priority and what type of energy output each requires. Experiment with grouping tasks into blocks, scheduling email time and factoring in breaks to create a daily plan that will help maximise your output. After all, “A Goal without a plan is just a wish…”

Sweat & Smiles

Get your daily workout done before office hours and you’ll reap massive health rewards, including an endorphin dump that will ensure you start the day smiling. Aside from helping you sculpt the body of your dreams, morning gym sessions will help regulate your metabolism and hormones for the day ahead. The other bonus; your exercise is done for the day!


Photo credit:Dani Barrios

Feed your Body, Feed your Mind

Prefer to start the day slow? Make yourself a wholesome, nourishing breakfast to grant your body access to the best nutrients and vitamins. By starting the day with a healthy breakfast you’ll set a great foundation for eating well for the remainder of the day.

Feature Image: Dani Barrios


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