About two years ago I made a New Year’s resolution, and unlike majority of my previous New Year’s resolutions, this one actually stuck. I even wrote it on a piece of paper and pinned it to my wall, right next to the list of clothes I wanted to buy. Adopting techniques to boost positive thinking and a new wardrobe, both equally important in my eyes.

The idea was to become a more positive person; a glass-half-full kinda gal. Now, this isn’t to say I was a ‘negative’ person by any means, but like most people, I struggled to see the silver lining in a sh*t situation and subconsciously took things for granted rather than appreciating what I have.

Over time I introduced five techniques that have well and truly changed my life. I mean this in every sense of the word, from how I wake up in the morning to the amount of business I drum up in a month, my outlook has changed for the best.

I learned to meditate

My boyfriend, aka World’s Most Positive Person (and my positivity icon), took a meditation course and loved it. So, naturally I had to copy and trial it for myself. I downloaded an app that was designed for beginners and learned the basics over two weeks. For someone who thinks about the meaning life while in the shower, this was REALLY HARD. I had previously avoided meditation because my mind races, constantly. I’d thought the ultimate goal of guided meditation was to clear mind your mind, totally, a near impossible for someone like me Thankfully, there are meditation techniques that let your mind wander, as this is purging any stress. This is the technique for me!

Although I don’t practise everyday, on the days that I do, I find myself calmer and less irritable over the silly, trivial things. Last week I knocked an entire bag of chia seeds onto the kitchen floor and instead of screaming into a pillow, I just said “oh well” and cleaned it up.

I became a (sort of) morning person

I know I just said meditation was difficult, but without a doubt, this was harder. Those that know me know I go to the gym most mornings at 6am, but let’s get one thing straight: I am not a morning person. I am a ‘faux’ morning person, and it’s taken me three years to even become that. If i’m being honest, everyday is a struggle, but I feel so much better for the rest of the day that the early rise routine is worth every minute less of sleep. I no longer feel foggy, I don’t feel guilty, I’m chirpier and I get more work done. Tick, tick, tick…!

Unfortunately, there is no secret to perfecting this. You just have to set your alarm, get up and push through it… that’s it. Some things that do help: booking into an exercise class, forcing your friends to go with you, hot coffee waiting in the kitchen and weekend treats like new magazines and pancake breakfasts.

I began using the Chalkboard Method

I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of my all time favourites is ‘Being Boss’. It’s run by two American ‘boss’ ladies who founded the Chalkboard Method, which is kind of like a modern-day vision board. Basically, you draw big circles on a board and fill them in once you land a client, a project or complete a goal. By drawing the circles, you’re not only looking at it all day everyday, but you’re putting your intentions out into the universe. The first day I put up my chalkboard I filled in all three circles, i’m not even lying! So I drew money signs all over it too, just in case.

I caught myself out on any negative thoughts

I am the only person responsible for my mood (except maybe chocolate). If something happens that seems unfair or unlucky, I know I’m the only one who can decide how to react to a situation. So, when something unfortunate happens, I now give myself a pep talk: Is this the end of the world? No. Is everyone you love still happy and healthy? Yes. Should you get over it now? Probably. Should we go and get some chocolate to be sure? Yes please. Coupled with the meditation, I’ve slowly conditioned myself to think less negative thoughts. Yes, less, because I’m still a human being  after all 🙂

I recruited tarot into my life

My all-time favourite piece of the puzzle is tarot. I’m a big believer in all sorts of juju for manifesting fortune, getting rid of stress or worries and generally feeling better about things – life, relationship and business-wise. I keep a stack of tarot cards near the front door and every morning I shuffle them while thinking, “what can I expect from today?” (lame but true). When I stop shuffling, I pick up the top card. It always gives me a little pep in my step, helps me to look out for signs and warns me of things or people to avoid. At the end of the day, I come back to review it and it’s almost always accurate. I’ve even got my boyfriend, aka World’s Most Positive Person, picking a card each day. More often than not mine is better than his, which over time has also added to my more positive outlook on life.



Alyce Cowell

Alyce is a writer, stylist and social media butterfly living in and eating her way through Melbourne. In 2016 Alyce started BOSSY. creative, a business that combines all three and lets her work from cafes everyday over long blacks. She specialises in fashion, health and fitness and business, often writing about her tips and tricks for living the freelance life, being more successful and becoming an all-round boss lady. Alyce believes everything is good in moderation, balancing pilates and HIIT classes with the occasional burger or raw treat.