Four Quick and Easy Hacks to Make Meal Prepping a Breeze

Meal prepping is designed to make your work week much simpler and easier. However, the actual process of preparing a whole week worth of food can seem far too daunting. But it doesn’t need to be! You don’t have to sacrifice your whole Sunday afternoon, these few ideas don’t take much time, but will help to start your week feeling organised!

  1. Write down your meals for the week.

Create a rough outline of what meals you are planning to have for the week. You do not have to assign the meals to a particular day, because I think it is nice to choose what to have depending on how you feel that day. A meal outline for the week however just helps to make sure you have all the right ingredients, and do not have to make a last minute dash to the supermarket at that dreaded after work peak time.

  1. Make double batches when you can.

One really easy way to meal prep is to make double batches of meals when you can, and freeze one batch for another week. Bolognaise sauce, curries, and soups are all great options to make in bulk.

  1. Use your slow cooker all year round

Before you put your slow cooker away for the year, there are actually lots of great ways you can use it throughout the warmer months. For example, you can cook some chicken breast to shred and add to salads or wraps for work lunches, or pulled pork for tacos in summer. Delicious! It is just so exciting when you walk in the door after work and dinner is pretty much done, isn’t it!

  1. Focus on versatile ingredients.

Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with lots of versatile, healthy ingredients that can be used in a number of meals to make many delicious dishes. Canned lentils and legumes, tinned fish, grains such as quinoa, rice, couscous and pasta, rolled oats, frozen veg and nuts are a few examples of foods which have a relatively long shelf life, that you can keep on hand to use as the base for many meals. Then you just need to purchase a few fresh ingredients, such as lean meats, dairy, fresh fruit and vegetables and you have everything you need!

So that’s it! Just a few simple tricks to meal planning and prepping!

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Amy Knight

Amy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, having studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University in Melbourne. A food lover since an early age, Amy has always loved making a mess in the kitchen and creating recipes that are delicious and make you feel good! Amy is a big believer that food is not simply fuel, it is also a big part of how we show love, spend time with loved ones and enjoy life! She loves helping people find a balanced relationship with food, and hopes to show that healthy food can be simple, easy and affordable, and most importantly enjoyable!