Long gone are the days where we are confined to our desks 9-5, lunch is eaten in the work cafeteria, and meetings are limited to mundane boardrooms. Thanks to the rise of entrepreneurship and the startup boom (see: thanks social media) and the research into work-health and its effect on our bodies mentally and physically, work places are now encouraging staff to get active, get up and move throughout the day. Walking to a local café for lunch is an easy way to stretch the legs, but if you are one of the lucky employees who’s workplace is implementing such wellness strategies, you might find that soon you are given the opportunity  to use a stand up desk to curb that 3pm lower back pain and boost your physical health. Because, lets face it, your boss is finally working out if they look after your health it means less sick days for them. #smart! Sitting all day for five days a week  (see: entrepreneurs 24/7) is taking years off your life. Two to be exact, according to Daniel Angelini, founder of Movi Workspace, who’s conducted so much research on the topic over the course of the last few years, he wrote a book about it. Sitting Epidemic 

Movi Workspace has created a spacious workspace that gives you freedom to work your own way without any restrictions. 


With a belief “in empowering your health everyday while you work” Movi Workspace has created a spacious workspace that gives you freedom to work your own way without any restrictions. It’s Scandinavianinspired, minimal design offers a solution for workplaces and home offices alike, with a sustainably sourced bamboo bench top and the choice of black or white finishes and soft-feel rubber feet to protect your desk. Movi provides up to 45cm (18”) of elevated height, providing users up to 6’ 5”, and adjusts in increments of 1cm (or 0.5”) proving to be perfect height for great health.

The best part? The desk adjusts automatically and remembers your preferred height; making this one of the most versatile, stylish and practical stand up desks on the market. Think a stand up desk might be what you need? Check out some of the proven health benefits that comes with it:

Benefits of stand up desks:

  • Boost Productivity

(A 2016 research study indicated standing desks could increase productivity by up to 53%)

  • Adds 2 years on your life expectancy
  • Increases engagement
  • Reduces disease risk

So what does this mean?

Living longer could soon be as simple as adding a Movi Workspace to your work environment, because let’s face it. Sitting down all day is slowly killing us, and, well…. Giving us hunch backs! #nothanks.

MOVI is launching in August so to find out more (like when you can get your feet under one), visit

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Brooke Meredith

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