It’s winter, we get it; rainy days and fog-blanketed skies see us cozied inside cafes seeking warmth and comfort and our usual outside morning run takes us to a fitness studio with condensation covered windows, whilst lunch is eaten at our desk instead of the park bench near the office. Our daily sunshine glory is soon masked by an almost unbearable wind as we pile on jacket upon jacket and brave all of mother nature’s glory. As the sun hides behind those gloomy clouds, our habits outside of 30 degrees seem to change without a thought. Have you stopped to think about UV protection during winter? Don’t be fooled by the dropping temperature! The suns UV rays are still just as strong and damaging no matter what the thermometer says and if you are headed to the snow this season and think you will be safe in below zero degrees, you’d better think twice before forgoing that sun block!

The suns UV raysare still just as strong and damaging no matter what the thermometer

The lowdown on UV at the snow

Reflection of UV rays bouncing from the snow is high and can reflect up to 90% of UV radiation! What does this means for you? Expect to be exposed to almost a double dose of UV as it’s reflected off snow-covered surfaces. And wind burn? Yep, that’s a thing too! Whilst you think you are rugged up and out of the sun’s reach, it’s important to protect your skin to reduce UV exposure and slop on a spf 50 per cent or higher broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen for ultimate protection.

Our pick?

We are Feel Good Inc, a sunscreen lotion that not only feels great on (sans the grease) it’s also free of preservatives, oxybenzone, parabens and pabas. Carefully crafted by those who are passionate about living out doors and who have taken incredible care to formulate a product that is not only of highest standard, it feels good on the skin, allowing you to wear it all year round no matter what the season. With its fast absorbing, glug-free consistency and heavenly summer scent, this 4 hour water resistant sunscreen ranks as number one this winter for all outside activities. If makeup is your choice of coverage, we found foundation sits on top perfectly and even after 4 hours it was still in place, patch free and with a beautiful natural glow which may just see us turn in our favorite highlighter for a little ‘feel good love’.

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