It’s no secret that the women of Brazil have incredible figures, however they do have a secret protocol which many of them have been using for years to keep their curves taut, thighs “orange peel” free, stomach flat and excess fat at bay.

It’s called the Magic Touch Detox and has been a health and beauty sensation in its birth country since it was developed in São Paulo by aesthetician Flavia Medeiros, with many prominent Brazilian models and celebrities swearing by it. So what’s this time enduring craze about? And does it really work?

The method itself is the result of many years of study and science, with the Magic Touch Detox now having its own academic course, which must be undertaken in order to practise the signature treatment technique. In just one 2 hour session, you can lose anywhere between 300g to 1.5kg, as well as eliminating cellulite and toxins from the body, resulting in centimetres lost from trouble areas and a noticeable improvement in body shape and skin smoothness.

If this sounds too good to be true, think again. I road tested – and can confirm the amazing results from – a series of 5 Magic Touch Detox sessions over 5 weeks with Fernanda Barbosa, who has recently brought this coveted method to Australia in Sydney at her Alexandria-based Body and Face Clinic.

“This contouring and detoxification method has been the best kept secret of Brazilian women for years because it is so effective and you see the benefits straight away,” says Fernanda. “Whether it’s to look amazing before a special event or as part of an ongoing health routine, the Magic Detox gets real results. It’s exciting to be able to now share this with Australian women and see how much they love it too!”

In just one 2 hour session, you can lose anywhere between 300g to 1.5kg, as well as eliminating cellulite and toxins from the body, resulting in centimetres lost from trouble areas and a noticeable improvement in body shape and skin smoothness. </

On my first session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Fernanda was a wealth of knowledge and helped me understand the process and feel at ease. The treatment starts with a small physical assessment, where measurements are taken, your weight is recorded and you can discuss any problem areas and goals. After this, you strip to your underwear and lie on a massage-style bed where the 5 stages of the Magic Touch Detox begins.

First, the skin from the waist down to the feet is exfoliated with a green tea and ginger scrub to prepare it for the rest of the treatment. This is followed by a medical grade ultrasound that assists in breaking down fat so it’s ready to be eliminated by the body. Next, a powerful contouring massage is performed using a special lotion that promotes a diuretic and thermogenic effect to flush out water retention and promote fat loss.

After this, a high mineral clay mixture is applied to the abdomen, flanks, bottom and thighs and you are wrapped up in a plastic film followed by a thermal blanket. Then you simply lie back and sweat it all out! This helps clear toxins from your cells and raises your metabolic rate, while the clay mask smooths and promotes collagen production for toned, supple skin.

Lastly, a cryo cooling gel is applied and your measurements and weight are recorded again. I couldn’t believe what I saw: almost a kilo gone and 1.5 centimetres gone from my waist, as well as losses on my hips and thighs. The effects continue after the treatment – similar to if you did a weights session at the gym – and by the next morning I saw an even greater loss of the scale, despite having drunk plenty of water to replenish my system.

By the end of my 5 sessions, I had lost 3 kilograms and any cellulite I had was almost completely dissipated! My body contours were more sculpted and overall I felt an increase in energy and confidence, plus clearer skin and mind.

“It’s quite common for clients to report a whole host of benefits aside from the fat loss and cellulite reduction when they undergo the Magic Touch Detox,” explains Fernanda. “It really is a wellness protocol.”

However Fernanda emphasises that you will get the best and most lasting results when you combine the Magic Touch Detox sessions with healthy diet and exercise. “We’re not magicians, we’re aestheticians… with a little bit of fairy dust up our sleeve!” she tells me. However, from the results I saw first hand – and if Brazilian women are anything to go by – I can definitely see why ‘magic touch’ is in the name.

Where to try it:

Body and Face Clinic, Shop 4, 33-49 Euston Road, Alexandria, NSW, 2015



Lolita Walters

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