The words “ice cream” and “cleanse” don’t usually go together. If someone told you that you could detox and lose weight by eating nothing but ice cream, you’d think it was a joke or crazy diet fad (while secretly hoping it wasn’t!).

Well, popular Los Angeles vegan ice creamery in Venice, Kippy’s, has developed just that. Cleansers are treated to consuming about 2 ½ liters of raw, vegan, organic ice cream, which only contain 5 ingredients or less per flavour, over 4 days in lieu of solid food.

So what exactly is the theory to back it up? According to founder Kippy Miller, the ice cream they serve is full of health promoting properties. It is made with a fermented coconut yoghurt, which is then turned into ice cream and sweetened with raw honey, providing both prebiotics and probiotics that are essential for gut health.

The cleanse follows a specific order of ice cream flavours throughout the day, with each serving a different purpose on the ice cream cleanse journey.
The day begins with coconut in the morning, next is orange creamsicle, followed by dark chocolate (cacao), afternoon is the ice cream version of “master cleanse” with lemon and cayenne, and the day ends with the superfood flavour of bee pollen and cinnamon.

The ingredients are said to provide different health benefits. For example, according to Miller, the Himalayan salt in the dark chocolate flavour supports the thyroid with its iodine content, the orange flavour is rich in vitamin C, the cayenne helps to boost the metabolism, the bee pollen provides a host of nutrients and the cinnamon assists in maintaining healthy blood sugar balance.

Consuming nothing but frozen liquids also gives the body a rest from digesting solid food, which helps to encourage detoxification and healing of the digestive system, while the healthy fats are very nourishing for the body.

However, despite these explanations, cleansing with ice cream still does sound too good to be true and, according to nutritionists, it is. While a raw, vegan, organic ice cream cleanse would certainly be better than eating an unhealthy diet, it’s still very high in saturated fats from the coconuts, sugars from the honey and may not contain enough of the “medicinal” ingredients to have much impact on your health.

So what’s the overall scoop? You’re better off eating a wholefood based diet rich in naturally cleansing vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water and moving your body every day. And what about the ice cream? Sure, just enjoy it as a healthy treat once or twice a week!

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