Irritable? Lethargic? Low mood, body cramps and having trouble falling asleep? A quick Google self diagnosis on the famed “go-to” WebMd can quickly have us running to our local chemist, pouring money out of our pockets into the latest Multi-Vitamin, in the hope of treating what MUST be Chronic Fatigue (so the self diagnosis on Google says). Realistically, however, these are tell-tale signs of magnesium deficiency, and a little more in-depth Googling on magnesium deficiency will change your pre-conceived Chronic Fatigue state into a simple absence that is easily treated (unless you actually have chronic fatigue, of course).

Magnesium is a macro-mineral, which, unlike trace minerals, is needed by the body in large amounts. It’s mostly known for relieving sore muscles and joints, improving cell health, lowering inflammation, and facilitating a good night’s sleep. On a deeper level however, Magnesium is crucial to more than 300 enzyme-driven biochemical reactions occurring in the body on a near constant basis. ANNND, almost everyone, YES, EVERYONE, is deficient in one-way or another.

After a sleepless few months, extreme anxiety and the energy level of a zombie, it was time for a reality check! As a Health Coach running a health business, unfortunately it is so easy to get caught up in my day to day hectic schedule, ticking off lists and getting multitudes done. I’m so busy prioritising everyone else’s health that I sometimes actually forget to look after my own! It was Monday, and like every new wellness goal. it was time to start creating good habits again. Hello Salt Lab Magnesium Spray!  Eager to trial this product that seems to be the missing answer to all my needs right now, I embarked on a one week trial to track my results.

A quick spray on my stomach at 10pm Monday evening and I slept for a solid nine hours.  Could this be the magnesium taking effect and seeping into my deprived body? Or simply my body finally letting it’s guard down and my type A brain switching off for some much overdue zzz’s. Either way, I didn’t care. It had me and, I was hooked! The amount of sleep I clocked up over that week was pure bliss, no counting sheep in the mix just a few spays of this magical bottle, and I was off to the wonderful land of nods.

Developed by Melbourne based personal trainer, nutritionist & health coach, Clementine Beale, and renowned F45 Gym owner Michael Ramsey,

Salt Lab was formed into a high grade Magnesium oil as a superior method for safely increasing magnesium levels in the body.

Used as a spray in a chic, botanical bottle, it is applied straight to the skin. This ensures optimal absorption for a greater chance of absorption directly into your body cells, foregoing the barriers of a (often malfunctioning) digestive tract when taken in oral forms. Not only used for the assistance of low mood and sleeplessness, a few sprays of Salt Lab on your body will assist with the treatment of cramps, spasms and aches. It is ideal for those who have high levels of stress, both physically and emotionally, gym junkies and anyone looking for some quality sleep. Beware though, she tingles! A sure sign that you are magnesium deficient which is all the more reason to use it. Just dilute with a little water and work your way up, rocket science, right?

Ready to rest, recover and perform? Check out Salt Lab for high grade recovery and be your best!


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Brooke Meredith

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