Gone are the days when eating a salad for breakfast was out of the norm. Riding off the back of the health food scene explosion, the era of the breakfast salad has well and truly come… and is here to stay.

Wellness warriors and foodies alike are fans of getting your morning greens in sans smoothie or juice, because sometimes you just want to chew that chlorophyll after all, making eating a veggie rich salad to break your fast the perfect solutions.

Typically the breakfast salad boasts dark leafy greens, herbs, vegetables and eggs, finished off with other healthful ingredients such as quinoa, nuts, seeds, sprouts, sauerkraut, legumes, avocado and dressing.

Delicious, nourishing and satiating, who wouldn’t want to get in on the action? Here are 7 of our favourite breakfast salads to chow down on in Sydney.

“Breaky Poke” at Three Blue Ducks, Roseberry

Sprung from the current poke bowl craze, this breakfast friendly take is exactly what you need first thing in the morning. A delectable blend of Asian flavours, you’ll enjoy a mix of avocado, kim chi, seaweed, cucumber, soy, mirin and soft egg. Yum!

“Breakfast Bowl” at Sprout Café, Naremburn

This is the perfect answer to a health-ified version of a classic café breakfast, featuring poached eggs, field mushrooms, roast tomatoes, steamed spinach, avocado and quinoa salad. Plus the option to add free-range bacon, for those who want to be a slightly more decadent.

“Bondi Bowl” at Sadhana Kitchen, North Bondi

Served from 11am, you can still make it count as a late breakfast and you’ll want it anytime of day once you get a taste of this plant-based bliss. Famous vegan eatery, Sadhana Kitchen, certainly get it right with their loaded, rainbow Bondi Bowl of roasted sweet potato, shredded carrot, cucumber, sauerkraut, smashed avocado, white bean and beet hummus, and caramelised tempeh, all served on a bed of seasonal greens with a spicy sesame dressing.

“Raw Breakfast Salad” at Ruby’s Diner, Waverton

With a farm-to-table philosophy, this breakfast salad packs in the fresh produce. It’s filled with kale, broccoli, avocado and mixed herbs, plus clean protein in the form of almonds, soft feta and poached eggs.

“The Warrior” at The Farm, Potts Point & Cammeray

This breakfast bowl is a Mexican fiesta. Think eggs served alongside beans, corn, capsicum, coriander, chili, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and avocado, with a superfood twist in the form of quinoa, and zesty final touch of fresh lime.

“Raw Cosmic Salad” at Porch & Parlour, North Bondi

With a Bondi hipster worthy name, this salad is as cool as the recycled hardware style, hole-in-the-wall café where it’s served. A super fresh, vegan-friendly combo of lettuce, herbs, apple, fennel, beetroot, quinoa, sprouts, guacamole, raw sauerkraut, tahini dressing and sprouted seed crackers, this salad is sure to leave you feeling a little more cosmic than before.

“Breakfast with Gwyneth” at Bread & Circus, Alexandria

Tuck in like Ms. Paltrow herself on a plate of sautéed white quinoa and greens, perfectly flavoured with garlic and chili, then topped with two fried biodynamic eggs.

Image credit: Kai Leishman.



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