As we wind down during the cooler months, spending quality Netflix time indoors is inevitable and very enjoyable.

Yes, with winter around the corner it’s time to rest, recharge and relax but if we’re going to do so, then let’s make it one stylish season ahead.

When it comes to home style, it’s all about a few timeless investment pieces sprinkled with everyday necessities.

If you’re like me, then you’re forever guilty dishing out $60 on a soy candle every fortnight (argh bliss) but missing the bigger picture creating a cosy home and not saving for those crucial pieces.

But that’s about to change, join me this year and let’s make it our mission to invest in quality, timeless pieces that dramatically make a house a home. Because we’re all craving more than the 40hrs of burning time our soy candles are offering.

The first step, a rug to pull the room together, warm your tootsies and compliment the space on offer. It’s a perfect time to purchase and have a little fun indoors styling while the weather changes.

Now behold. 10 must-have rugs for cosy times ahead, catering for every stylish individual or first-timer like me.

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Siobhan Wend

Siobhan is an Australian writer, social media strategist and public relations advisor. She produces natural-beauty, style, health and wellness led content with a strong understanding of the media. Her passion for a holistic lifestyle comes from growing up on the surf beaches of Phillip Island, in turn she hopes to inspire others to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life with her writing.