There is a new wave causing ripple effects in the wellness world currently – the notion of self love, self worth and loving the skin you are in is becoming just as ‘mainstream’ as discussing diet and exercise when it comes to overall wellness.

While this is an exciting time, it can also lend itself to some serious splurging if you aren’t conscious – splashing out on the entire self-help section in Dymocks, attending all the latest workshops and finding yourself a coach to keep you accountable. While these are all very worthy investments (might I add, I believe they are the best investments you can make in your life), it is understandable that sometimes the budget will only stretch so far. (And this is coming from a wellness coach who WANTS you to book sessions. But I get it. Not always that easy.)

Personal development and self love doesn’t have to cost thousands. It can sometimes be as simple as a few minor adjustments in your daily life to reap all of the benefits of living a holistic, well-rounded life full of love for yourself:

Start a gratitude practice

There’s a reason why most self-help ‘gurus’ practice gratitude daily – it really works. Being grateful not only improves your mental and emotional state (you cannot be anxious and grateful, or angry and grateful, at the same time) but when practiced over prolonged periods, it can have a profound effect on how you experience happiness every day.

The more frequent your gratitude practice, the more you will begin to appreciate the ‘little things’ that you may have otherwise overlooked: a stranger smiling at you on the bus, the flowers on your morning walk.

To start a gratitude practice is as easy as noting down (or saying aloud to a loved one) three things you are grateful for that day; the more specific, the better. Make it a habit by practicing at the same time each day – first thing in the morning or when you are lying in bed at night.

Repeat your own personal affirmation

The words we tell ourselves are incredible powerful. Do yourself a favour and watch The Water Experiment right now. Go on, I’ll be here when you get back.

What Dr Emoto showed in his experiment was that the words we speak have a PROFOUND effect on ourselves at a cellular level. Basically, if you skipped the video (go back and watch it!), it is scientifically proven that when we tell ourselves things like “I love you”, we effect our very being at a cellular level. Similarly if you tell yourself your ugly, or fat or worthless – you are going to FEEL ugly, fat and worthless. Makes sense, right?

Let’s stop talking to ourselves in this way shall we?

If you want to attract more money, start repeating: I attract abundance and opportunity in all forms

If you want to reclaim your health, repeat: I am healthy and bursting with energy

Create your own affirmation and repeat it every day – as you shower, in the car – and watch the incredible impact this has on your state of mind over time.

Pamper yourself without reason

Too often we reserve ‘pampering’ sessions for special occasions, rather than treating ourselves to something just because we deserve it!

While its nice to head off for a facial or a massage, you can pamper yourself just as fully in the comfort of your own bathroom:

• Run a bubble bath – add essential oils, light candles, play music – the works! Make a conscious effort to do this as often as you can, rather than once in a while
• Lather your body in coconut oil, giving your feet a massage at the same time
• Create your own all natural face mask with whatever ingredients you have in the kitchen (Google is your friend here)

Allocate daily rest and relaxation time

Start to purposefully slot aside time every single day for you to unwind and recharge. We never forget to plug in our phones, or fill up our petrol tanks, yet when it comes to ourselves we are so often running on empty.

Time for this to change – even 5 minutes can make the world of difference.

Try allocating your rest time at the same time each day – use your time to really disconnect. Put your phone away, lie down and have a nap, or if you are short on time, lie with your legs up the wall or fold forward over your legs (both amazing postures for relaxing the nervous system). Breathe deeply (or meditate if you are inclined to) and just be.

Move your body

And no, that doesn’t mean slog yourself at the gym in the hopes of losing an extra 2 kilos. Exercising from a place of self love is all about finding a form of movement that you truly enjoy and look forward to. For you that may be yoga, a beautiful walk along the beach, or playing indoor netball with your besties. Whatever it is, find something that you truly enjoy and do it as often as possible. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.



Hollie Azzopardi

Hollie Azzopardi is a wellness coach, writer, speaker and self-love advocate, aiding hundreds of women in learning to love themselves and live their dreams. Exceptionally passionate about body image and mental health (having her own experiences with anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue), Hollie spreads her empowering messages of self love through one-on-one coaching, workshops, ebooks and speaking events.