Vagina crystals, or jade eggs, are used by women around the world for their apparent ability to increase libido, supercharge orgasms and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Yep, you read correctly. Vagina crystals (also known as jade eggs or yoni eggs) are a thing. A thing thousands of women swear by for increased libido, sexual prowess and even longer-lasting orgasms. In fact, recently on, Gwyneth Paltrow dedicated an entire article to yoni eggs, and their role as an empowering tool for female sexuality. This lead to an outcry online – just search ‘jade eggs’ in Google and you are inundated with critical headlines: “No you should not put jade eggs in your vagina” and “ You want me to put that jade egg where?”.

In doing my own research, it seems that critics are cynical when it comes to the practice – ignoring the apparent (energetic) benefits of tapping into your sexual power through strengthening the pelvic floor and unblocking your sacral (sexual) energy. The main criticism? Potential for bacterial infection. Just like with anything inserted into the vagina – be it a tampon, dildo, vibrator or vegetable! Fair enough.

I chatted with female sexual wellbeing expert and jade egg advocate Tara O, to get down to the nitty gritty of these fascinating crystals.

What are the main benefits of using a jade egg?

There are so many! A regular jade egg practice will strengthen your pelvic floor, increase vaginal sensitivity and supercharge your orgasms; encourage healthier sexual organs, create a stronger body/mind connection, cultivate self love and is great for sexual healing as well! Did I mention it helps with vaginal dryness and low libido too?!

Why do you think jade eggs have received a bit of a bad rap recently?

Let’s be honest, it’s a little strange…I mean, you’re putting a piece of jade in your vagina. I get why people are sceptical and wary. Unfortunately there is a lot mis-information on the internet, so it can be confusing to anyone who stumbles across it. Most of the scepticism comes from people who have never used a jade egg or know anything about this beautiful sacred practice (which has been around for more than 5000 years). One concern is that using a jade egg will encourage bacteria. However, Nephrite jade is made up of a really strong, interlocking and tightly woven fibrous structure which means it will not harbour or promote infection causing bacteria – making them safer than tampons. But just like yoga or acupuncture, I think we’ll see the jade egg go mainstream very soon.

If I wanted to start a jade egg practice, what should I keep in mind?

Be sure to purchase a high quality, certified jade egg. In my opinion, Nephrite jade is the best. There are a lot of ‘fake’ jade eggs online – always ask for certification! Also, you’ll need some silk string, or non waxed dental floss to thread your egg for easy removal.

Start slow! Don’t rush into wearing your egg for 8 hours a day! Begin with 30 mins for the first few weeks and allow your body to get used to her.Also, seek out the guidance of a trained teacher to learn the proper foundations and practices to ensure a really rewarding journey ahead!

Are there any common mistakes or misunderstandings around using a jade egg? 

The jade egg has many magical benefits but it is not a magic pill! Wearing the egg only once or twice will not revolutionise your sex life. Consistent practice is the key.

Is there any particular ‘type’ of person you would recommend a jade egg practice for?

I believe every woman who treasures her lady parts should have a jade egg! I have all my clients on a strict “jade egg diet” and they love it. It does wonders for getting out of your head and back into your body!

What is your number one sexual wellbeing tip for women?

“Invest in your sexual wellbeing. Prioritise it. It will change your life, I promise you.”



A sexual wellbeing expert and bedroom coach, Tara O is obsessed with helping women all over the world experience heart exploding pleasure and soul expanding sex. By using a unique blend of sacred arts and science, Tara draws on ancient teachings to empower modern women. She is also an author, presenter, tantra teacher and trained jade egg practitioner.



Hollie Azzopardi

Hollie Azzopardi is a wellness coach, writer, speaker and self-love advocate, aiding hundreds of women in learning to love themselves and live their dreams. Exceptionally passionate about body image and mental health (having her own experiences with anxiety, depression and adrenal fatigue), Hollie spreads her empowering messages of self love through one-on-one coaching, workshops, ebooks and speaking events.