IF you’re a desk daydreamer that revels in the weekend, tune in. Before Friyay rolls around, it’s time to get planning on that next city escape to hit reset, laze in activewear and find something more insta-worthy than that acai bowl you snapped last weekend.

So, if local produce and sunrise selfies make you weak at the knees. We’ve got the place for you. Meet The Grampians – a wellness hotspot just three hours out of Melbourne, it’s lush national parks attract those who live and breathe the word ‘wanderlust’.

Planning the ultimate weekend can be lengthy, with many ‘hide your screen from your boss’ moments – so we’re going to hand all you ‘9 to 5ers’ your next wellness getaway on a silver platter.

From chasing waterfalls, hawaain massages to organic degustations – follow our eat, sleep and retreat guide to the Grampians for the ultimate weekend away.


Let’s get real – all good things, start with a meal. And we’re hear to guide you into some poached eggs and smashed avo goodness. Harvest café is nestled in the midst of the Grampians and prides itself on showcasing local produce.

It’s menu includes all your foodie faves using the freshest of ingredients from the Grampian and want to hear the best bit? Time moves slowly but the service moves quick in the Grampians. Waiting 40 mins to be seated in at the trendiest Melb café, will be a distant memory.

With brunch out out of the way, dinner in the Grampians will have you dining like wellness royalty. The Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld, puts all your Netflix cooking shows to shame. The day’s menu is dictated by it’s 1 hetre organic kitchen garden and farm land. With orchards and olive groves providing seasonal produce, free range eggs gathered on the daily and it’s very own organic lamb and beef farm. The Royal Mail Hotel are truly your farm to plate friends.

If your not already sold, it’s signature eight course Chef’s Tasting menu with matched wines will have you double tapping. Yes this foodie flatlay mecca offers eight, five, three or two course experiences for anyone or any budget.

It’s time to ditch the alarm clock and catch up on some well deserved sleep. Our top picks below will have you snoring like a koala bear in no time at all.

The Grampians – DULC’s Nature Retreat Cabin. These single and two storey cabins are architect-designed to blend into the bushland environment. With a definite ‘sense of place’, the rough-sawn timbers, polished concrete, wooden floors and floor to ceiling windows will have you ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ all weekend long. Perfect for couples or groups.

Lakuna Retreat is located 3 minutes drive from the Halls Gap shops, this spacious 3 bedroom rental is sure to max your chillax. Perfect for a group getaway with it’s modern kitchen and large deck area. Bonus points, for it’s duluxe bathing/ spa area offering views of the mountain.


 Whether it’s on the massage table, chasing waterfalls or climbing to new heights, the Grampians offers a retreat for all.

Bliss out and treat yo self with a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Heartwork massage. This guilt-free treat focuses on restoring your mind, body and soul. The massage is a beginniers guide to meditation, sending you into a deep meditative state at ease, where you can connect with your higher self or drift off into complete bliss.

No need to find a Kahuna, The Sacred Journey shop is based in Halls Gap offering a wide variety of healing, massage and guidance services.


Fawn over fauna and explore Victoria’s best walking tracks. The Grampians offers a hike for all, with beginners and advanced options. We recommend taking Wonderland Loop to reach new heights on the Pinnacles and bask in the view of the Grampians National Park.

If you’ve been smashing F45 on the daily and searching for a new challenge, why not conquer Mount Difficult – no joke, that’s it’s name and theres good reason for it.


Mackenzie Falls makes you believe in fairies. It’s flows all year round promising a breathtaking sigh. As the falls water cascades over a huge cliff into a deep pool, it’s sends sprays of rainbow mist high into the air above the stunning gorge. The 2km return walk is a must for any first-timer to the town.

Mackenzie Falls makes you believe in fairies. It flows all year round promising a breathtaking sigh.


Shouldn’t all retreats finish with a cheese board? Visit the Red Rock Olives farm gate for your platter fix. The paddock-to-plate mouth watering experience focuses on sustainablitiy and local premium ingredients. Their quality extra virgin olive oil, table olives and olive salt make for the perfect souveinerr.



Siobhan Wend

Siobhan is an Australian writer, social media strategist and public relations advisor. She produces natural-beauty, style, health and wellness led content with a strong understanding of the media. Her passion for a holistic lifestyle comes from growing up on the surf beaches of Phillip Island, in turn she hopes to inspire others to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life with her writing.