Situated in the middle of the Bass Straight, between Victoria and Tasmania’s North West Coast, lies an idyllic, quaint island; rich in history and rolling hills of fertile farm land. Known as King Island, this stunning country island produces some of Australia’s finest natural foods including an abundance of gourmet cheese’s and succulent, tender beef. We hopped off the small Regional Express plane, eager to explore all of King Islands offerings, including its iconic surf beaches, gourmet restaurants, hiking trails and some much needed country air.

Thanks to Mazda, we picked up the new Mazda3 upon arrival and headed to the beautiful Porky Beach House, nestled in the dunes of Porky Beach. We packed the car with winter woolies and set the seat warmers to high. It was time to explore; feeling right at home as a country girl myself, we took to the sweeping planes, and rolling hills, cruising the coast line and winding roads, greeting numerous wildlife along the way including, roaming wallabies, wild turkeys, peacocks, geese and of course an abundance of curious cattle. The Mazda3’s lightweight, sporting agility made it a smooth, quiet ride. It took to the corners with control and conquered all terrain from beach tracks to rocky coastal roads. We explored North to South, East to West and thanks to it’s SKYACTIV-Drive technology and I-stop features, fuel was plentiful! In comfort we drove, stopping at some of king Islands favourite attractions. With not one taxi in sight, bus or equivalent, a car is the only way to get around the island. Thank you Mazda for allowing us to see all of King Islands glory.

From shipwrecks, to cheese factories, there’s ample to see and do. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend away or an active surfing weekend I recommend checking out below all that the island has to offer.


Visit Disappointed Beach. (Don’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing to be disappointed about)
Take a drive to Cape Wickham Light House
Pay a visit to the Kelp Factory, where kelp is hung, dried and processed in preparation for exporting
Indulge in some Cheese tastings at King Island Dairy
Check our the surf at Martha Beach
Pay a visit to the town center Currie
If you are an avid golfer, there are multiple pristine golf courses situated around the island
Trail riding is on offer through multiple companies, a good Google will suffice.



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