With summer in full swing, gatherings are plentiful and food is the essence of every get-together. Whilst tomatoes are available all year round, the extra variety in the warmer months is perfect for the tomato lover, making entertaining a breeze and effortless. ‘Throw it together’ healthy, summer platters are now yummier and an absolute winner. Ever wondered what the difference is between these little red and golden gems? With the help of Blush Tomatoes, here is the lowdown on tomato 101 to help you make entertaining a breeze and of course tastier!

Perino Sweet Snacking Tomatoes –

Bite-sized and similar to a grape in shape
Twice as sweet as the average tomato
Healthy and fresh snack for children and adults.
Their sweet flavour comes from the very high flesh to juice ratio, which not only intensifies the flavour but also makes Perino™ tomatoes practically ‘squirt free’.
Perfect for school lunch boxes or simply as a nutritious snack on-the-go! Also an excellent addition to salads, pizzas and pasta dishes.
Perino Gold™ Sweet Snacking Tomatoes –

Orange in colour, these golden grape snacking tomatoes are lower in acidity than traditional red tomato varieties.
Have a subtle sweetness and delicate flavour.
Perfect for snacking or salads, excellent for the school lunch box or as a healthy treat!
Amoroso Cocktail Truss Tomatoes –

Small in size but big on flavour.
Succulent and versatile, they have an intense taste and are the perfect size for everyday cooking such as salads or pastas.
Picked and packed on the vine, they continue to draw flavour and nutrients to ensure great quality and that true tomato taste.
When left on the vine they are perfect for oven roasting or BBQ cooking.
Great addition to making your dish look a little more gourmet.

How to construct an easy entertaining platter.

Suggested ingredients:

1 punnet of Perino Sweet Snacking Tomatoes (available at Coles)

1 punnet of Perino Gold™ Sweet Snacking Tomatoes (available at Coles)

1 tray of Amoroso Cocktail Truss Tomatoes (available at Coles)

½ cup walnuts

Cheese of your choice: I used bocconcini

Hommus dip,

Dried Fruit

Basil leaves for decoration

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