She’s the girl with abs of steel and legs every girl dreams of having.

Meet Kirsty Godso, Nike Master Trainer and the lady behind those workouts on the Nike training app that leaves you dripping with sweat and cursing at your phone.

New Zealand born and well traveled, running high-intensity Nike Training Club classes world wide; Kirsty endorses a message of go hard or go home and you only need to do one workout with her to realise she means business. After working out with her in Sydney earlier this month, I can tell you now that if you haven’t signed up to the NTC tour, you don’t want to miss working out with this babe in person – she will leave you feeling strong, empowered and on top of your game. Read on to get to know this fit chick, how to get killer legs, and what keeps her motivated.

1. How did you score this dream gig as Nikes Master Trainer?

I was discovered by Nike teaching high-intensity workouts in my local gym in Auckland, New Zealand. From there I became an NTC Trainer (Nike Training Club) and worked my way to being a Nike Master Trainer. It really is a dream come true.

2. What’s your favourite Nike Training Club workout?

Argh I can’t pick just one so here are my top 5:

Zoom Fast, Total Body Sculpting, Cardio Hustle, Gladiator and Zoom in 10!

3. Take us through a day in the life of…

Every day is a little different for me depending on what workouts I am teaching that day or who I am training but if it doesn’t start with an early morning workout, first up on the agenda is eggs, avocado and black coffee! Then usually I will do emails and programming before doing a weights session at the gym mid morning before training girls at NTC at lunch. In the afternoon I ideally get in an endurance training session or HIIT workout for myself before training others again at night time. I travel a lot for my job so every day is different which I love but generally each day for me must include two workouts, good food filled with protein and healthy fats, a lot of laughing and some good hip hop music.

4.What does a day on your plate look like?

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with fresh parsley, spinach, cherry tomatoes, chili and avocado + a black coffee and water

Lunch: Chicken or salmon with a big fresh salad – I love to make these at home + water

Snacks: Raw nuts and blueberries

Post workout protein shake

Dinner: I like to mix up my proteins at dinner between chicken, steak, fish or lamb with fresh salads and in season vegetables.

5. Pre and post workout you eat/drink?

Pre workout I don’t take anything or eat too close before a workout, I just make sure I’m well hydrated. Post workout I have a scoop of NAR Labs 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate mixed with 250ml of water. This is my favourite protein by far and I have tried a lot!

6. One thing I really want to know is what are the best exercises to tone the inner thighs of your legs, without bulking?

I am constantly trying to reassure women that they won’t bulk up by training with weights! It is actually the type of training that will give your body the greatest results, especially if you’re after lean, toned legs! My favourite exercises to target the inner thigh are:

Box Step Ups with dumbbells: make sure you pick a box that is a comfortable challenge for you to step up onto and drive the other knee up into the air then lower that leg back down to the floor followed by the standing leg slowly with control so the decline is like a single leg squat.

Plie front squats: Place both heels together on top of a weight plate or riser with toes turned out and hold a weight (kettlebell or dumbbell) on your chest. Keeping your chest lifted, lower right down with control so your hamstrings touch your calves with your knees tracking out and then explosively drive back up to the top of the move.

7. What keeps you motivated?

Fitness is my true passion, it really is my heart and soul so there is rarely a day where I don’t feel motivated to be moving. The biggest motivational drivers for me are working towards my goals – I always have goals that I am chasing and never just one at a time, trying new types of workouts and challenges, and seeing progress with the people that I train. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone grow more confidence with themselves and achieving things they thought were impossible.

8. What’s the best exercise(s) for killer abs like yours.

My favourite way to train abs is actually through my weight training exercises like Pull-ups, Front Squats, Weighted Pushups. I think a lot of people still think they need to do endless crunches and hovers to work on their core but actually if you have a well rounded weights program you are working your core the entire time!

9. Favourite City to work out in?

New York City! My best friend Georgia lives there and it’s my favourite time of the year when I stay with her and we do a workout week where we go to all my favourite gyms in NYC and she takes me to new places she has tried or heard of. The energy there is amazing, people are there to work hard which I love! There are so many great gyms to experience that you will never get bored or lack motivation to workout.

10. Best advice you have been given?

Run your own race! Don’t waste time or energy comparing yourself to other people. We are all beautifully different and should embrace our individual qualities. Focus on yourself and your own goals and you will achieve much more and much faster!



Brooke Meredith

Brooke Meredith, is the passionate founder and Editor-In-Chief of A Conscious Collection Magazine. A glowing representation of wellness, and an advocate for healthy living. Brooke’s passion for health and wellbeing began following the discovery of her own intolerances and health ailments. Her house soon became a hub for recreating healthy versions of her favourite recipes, and soon her home was filled with an abundance of nourishing, nutritious whole foods. A certified Health Coach, Brooke’s passion lies with helping others become the best version of themselves and created A Conscious Collection to nurture, empower and inspire. As an Australian model, Brooke lives and breathes wellness, understanding the direct correlation between looking and feeling your best, which comes with a life in balance. When you can pry her away from working on all things ACC, you’ll find her fleeting around the globe on wellness escapes, enjoying three hour brunch dates with girlfriends and diving mouth first in to her famous healthified chocolate brownies.