Some would say a juice cleanse in winter is a little ambitious. The thought of drinking liquid for three days straight, in the midst of the coldest months of the year does sounds a little crazy, but I can assure you I needed it. Fatigued and brain fogged, I needed a kick-start to reset, recharge and fuel my tiresome bod. With recent demands and long days I could feel myself getting a little run down, so I opted to embark on the Karmic Organic Skin and Immunity Cleanse, designed specifically to improve skin health and to boost the Immune System through bone broths, healing soups and organic cold pressed juices.

Our bodies do have a natural detoxification processes, and whilst I am super healthy, I had been over- indulging through winter and could really feel the effects of extra sugar cravings creeping in. Alas, I was time to cleanse.

After 3 days of the Karmic Organic Skin and Immunity Cleanse I felt dramatically different. It doesn’t take me long to get back to my spritely self, I just needed a little accountability to see me though the initial days of forgoing any forbidden foods and chocolate treats. I opted for the skin and immunity package because it comes with two bone broths, and warming soup at night. During winter a cleanse which contains soups and bone broths are far more beneficial for our bodies and allows us to digest enzymes from the nutrients more easily than pure cold pressed juices which can be harsh on our digestive tract.

I found the cleanse quite easy, perhaps this is because I’ve juice cleansed before but surprisingly I never found myself hungry. A little headache on the second morning (due to coffee withdrawals) was inevitable but seemed to disappear by midday. By the end of day three, I felt like I could keep going; my energy was great, skin was bright and cravings had subsided. The verdict? It’s exactly what I needed to kick start this bod back into gear and I highly recommend the Skin and Immunity cleanse for those who are wanting to try a cleanse, but hesitant to consume only juice.

What is bone broth and why is it good for us?

Bone broth is a simple recipe that has been around for centuries, known for its warming and healing properties. It contains high amounts on amino acids which are known to boost immunity and fight inflammation. It contains a good source of L-glutamine (building block of protein) necessary for the body and good gut health – therefore it’s great for soothing leaky gut symptoms, digestive issues and even weight loss. Bone broth is also rich in collagen which is great for protecting skin, and helps to keep youthful. It also helps to protect your joints and sustain energy levels. Yep, all round amazing!

Why Cleanse?

Prolonged periods of stress (physical/mental/emotional) cause oxidative stress and adrenal fatigue in the body. When not addressed, this can compromise daily performance and long-term health. Ever thought about doing a cleanse? Check out the list below for some indicators that might just mean you need one.

Fatigue and slow recovery – e.g. feeling ‘dusty’ upon waking
Frequent flu-like symptoms; blocked sinuses (mucus build up)
Irritable bowels (irregular)
Performance plateau (difficulty increasing fitness and/or strength)
Skin irritation (dry/itchy skin, cloudy complexion, pimples or fungal build up)
Moodiness and easily irritated
Foggy brain function (lack concentration)
Sugar or caffeine cravings
If you are interested in any of the Karmic Cold Pressed Juice cleanses Head over to their website and enter “CONSCIOUS” at the checkout for $25 dollars off.

Happy cleansing!



Brooke Meredith

Brooke Meredith, is the passionate founder and Editor-In-Chief of A Conscious Collection Magazine. A glowing representation of wellness, and an advocate for healthy living. Brooke’s passion for health and wellbeing began following the discovery of her own intolerances and health ailments. Her house soon became a hub for recreating healthy versions of her favourite recipes, and soon her home was filled with an abundance of nourishing, nutritious whole foods. A certified Health Coach, Brooke’s passion lies with helping others become the best version of themselves and created A Conscious Collection to nurture, empower and inspire. As an Australian model, Brooke lives and breathes wellness, understanding the direct correlation between looking and feeling your best, which comes with a life in balance. When you can pry her away from working on all things ACC, you’ll find her fleeting around the globe on wellness escapes, enjoying three hour brunch dates with girlfriends and diving mouth first in to her famous healthified chocolate brownies.