The freedom to design our work lives has never been better! The standard ‘nine to five’ is becoming less common, as the idea of a successful career is shifting. Our career options are plentiful – running our own business, freelance work, working multiple jobs, a full time job and a side hustle, or working from home. While it can be daunting in some aspects, it can also be exciting. Never has it been easier for us to design our work lives to be exactly as we want them!

Having flexibility in our work means we can plan our days however we like. Read on for our top tips to thriving in an unconventional career path, and creating your dream career path.

Get up early and establish a morning routine

As tempting as it can be to hit snooze and sleep in a little, there is no denying that getting up early is the best start to a productive day. Establish a morning routine that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to tackle the day is key. I personally like to start my day with a workout. I find it helps to have something booked in, to make sure you get up in the morning. And the post-workout high is the perfect mindset to begin your work day. Try to stop yourself from checking social media and emails until after your workout is complete and you’ve taken the time to enjoy breakfast.

A change of scenery can really boost your productivity

Working for yourself or from home means that you often end up spending a lot of time alone. While it sounds like you would get a lot down in this environment without many interruptions, it isn’t always the case. Heading to a local cafe for a coffee, can break up the day and let you immerse yourself into a more social scene – while still getting a lot done. There’s something quite lovely about being out and about and people watching while getting through your to-do list. And, the coffee is a good incentive too! Schedule in a few times during your week, to get out of your office and mix it up your surroundings.

Make the effort to network in lots of different circles and attend events

There’s no doubting that going to a networking event by yourself can be nerve wracking. When you are your own boss, it can be easy to stay in your comfort zone as you have no one forcing you out of it!Try to make an effort to attend as many events as you can. You never know who you may meet and where new connections may lead. It is also the perfect opportunity to meet people you have connected with on social media, and expand your business contacts. After a few events, it will become part of your standard routine!



Alyce Cowell

Alyce is a writer, stylist and social media butterfly living in and eating her way through Melbourne. In 2016 Alyce started BOSSY. creative, a business that combines all three and lets her work from cafes everyday over long blacks. She specialises in fashion, health and fitness and business, often writing about her tips and tricks for living the freelance life, being more successful and becoming an all-round boss lady. Alyce believes everything is good in moderation, balancing pilates and HIIT classes with the occasional burger or raw treat.