Forget about the skinny cap, it’s time your cup of joe got a little fatter – at least according to supporters of the Bulletproof Coffee trend. Chances are you’ve probably heard about it, seen it on Instagram, or tried it in one of those hipster cafes that serve lattes...

Country Road open their new café in partnership with Almond Milk Co, and guests were invited to come enjoy breakfast at the new café and an exclusive shopping experience at the newly refurbished Church Street store. With a signature smoothie made by yours truly,...

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She’s the Australian-born supermodel who needs no introduction. One of the most highly regarded names in the fashion industry as well as a glowing representation of healthy living – she not only owns the title of wellness mama, she lives and breathes it, too. After being nicknamed The Body by Time Magazine in 1989, it is no secret what Elle Macpherson stands for. Now, decades later, with a physique that exudes sexiness, strength and confidence – the five-times Sports Illustrated cover girl is still living up to her famous reputation.

And little has changed since she traded bikini shoots for the boardroom. Whilst looking good and feeling great were paramount to her career in the spotlight, years after retiring from the runway, her wellness philosophy is still the same. She is all about balance, moderation and listening to your body.

“Wellness isn’t defined by age or gender,” she says. “It involves making the best choices for yourself and your family.”

It’s this down-to-earth attitude that has seen the Aussie model, business mogul and mum-of-two go from strength to strength. With two businesses under her belt and two beautiful young children, it would seem the 53-year-old has everything all figured out. But despite the seemingly picture-perfect life, the blonde bombshell admits she hasn’t always been comfortable in her own skin.

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Is Coconut Oil a Health Must Have, or Do We Need to Steer Clear?

Over the last few years coconut oil has fast become a pantry staple of the health conscious. Thought of as a ‘superfood’ it has now become very mainstream. Interestingly however, the supposed health benefits continue to be the subject of hot debate. Not to mention the...

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Marine Collagen- If you’re not already familiar with it, this is why you should be.

The magic of the ocean plays a special role in many lives – peace, tranquillity & the sheer beauty almost too perfect a remedy for our mind, body & soul. So, it only made sense when ProPlenish (made up of amino acids derived from the ocean) became an A-Lister...

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